Good Morning, and D-Day Anniversary!

As I continue to broaden my skill sets to be a

.Net programmmer and web developer

in the integrated development environment (IDE) this site will also progress using the latest .Net and associated technologies. Currently my home page consists of

ASP.Net, C#, MVC, Razor, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, T-SQL, Lambda Expressions, and Javascript

. It also includes Javacript & Javacript frameworks\libraries such as JQuery.

The menu is dynamically built through a SQL Server table using a field to determine the level of a submenu. A lot of this was created through code I pretty much found and combined, then changed to my liking.

I have also incorporated some Search Engine Optimization techniques so Google searches of .Net programmers doing technologies such as C#, T-SQL, VB.Net, ASP.Net, MVC, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Razor, Javascipt, JQuery and SQL Server Development in Tampa, Florida will keep this website and my resume on the first page of the results.

About Me...

An honest, compassionate and innovative person. A team player who will provide follow-through to guarantee goals are accomplished and do whatever it takes to ethically meet deadlines.

Proudest accomplishment...

I created a dynamic, data driven Document Fulfillment application using C# with Word objects. After being provided an estimate of 80 hours to make changes to some documents, I was thinking there had to be a better, more efficient way to do the work. What I created took about 80 hours to accomplish but all future such changes would only require about 1 hour of work. I then found there were many other similar changes I could do to save time while being extremely economical.


I desire to be on a good team where everyone gets along and has a passion to share knowledge and ask each other questions. The best way to accomplish this is at a company where good, hard work is recognized and rewarded, and ideas are heard! I want to be able to have the tools necessary to get the job done and to be as productive as possible.